I personally produce all my own fine art Giclee prints as well as those for other artists. My Giclee prints are produced with the latest print technology, light fast ink and archival media.
   What is a Giclee (G-Clay) print ?
 A Giclee is a limited edition fine art print produced with continuous tone ink jet technology on a variety of media, including watercolor, canvas, textured & smooth fine art papers. The overriding theme is quality and light stability. A Giclee print is produced by a slow, meticulous process which requires the skills of a master printer to produce museum quality prints. Special equipment and techniques produce the best color accuracy, sharpness, continuous tone and artistic representation available. Giclee therefor refers to the process by which the print is produced NOT the subject of or the process by which the original is produced. Giclee prints may represent original paintings, sketches, photographs, etc.
 Many museums in the U.S. and abroad have exhibited, purchased and sold Giclee prints. An increasing number of distinguished painters and photographers have Giclees of their work including, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, David Hockney, Chuck Close and Richard Avedon.

   Hewlette Packard Designjet Z3100 44 inch, twelve (12) ink printer.

   Custom ICC color profiles using the Gretage McBeth Spectrophotometer incorporated in the Z3100.

   Vivera pigment inks used by the HP Z3100 have many of the longest light fast ratings reported by the     Wilhelm Institute.

Work Flow

Digital Capture of Original Art:

   1) Provided by client as digital file.

  2) I capture with high resolution digital camera in controlled indirect sunlight.   

Image File:

   Inspected for scratches, dust, spots and other minor imperfections which are corrected. Client is notified of major imperfections which will compromise quality of print and alternatives are discussed.


  Each image file is proofed on the media chosen for the final print to access color and image quality. If a comparison print has been provided with the image file I will make up to five (5) proof prints (no larger than 8 x10 in.) to obtain as close a color match as possible. At client’s request a final proof will be provided for his/her review before final print production. A proof print is maintained in client’s file for future reference. Proofs are included in print price, there is no additional charge for proofs.


  Each proofed image file is sized to client’s specifications and re-inspected for imperfections and image quality. Final adjustments, such as sharpening, are made just prior to printing. Although most prints are dry to the touch very soon after printed I allow each print to “cure” for a minimum of 24 hours. Canvas prints then receive a clear protective spray which when dry matches the original texture and look of the canvas.


  Prints 16 x 24 and smaller are shipped flat in clear bags in stiff cardboard packages. Larger prints are rolled and shipped in heavy shipping tubes. All prints are shipped U.S. Priority Mail (2-3 day) unless otherwise specified by client. All shipping charges are in addition to print price.   


Media, Size, Price per print

Photo Paper:

Kodak Premier Rapid Dry Lustre, HP Premium ID Gloss, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl, Hahnemuhle Photo RAG Ultra Smooth

Many others on request

           Size                             First                Add’l from same file

                                         12x18  & Smaller     $ 30.00                 $ 25.00

                                         16x24                         40.00                    35.00

                                         20x30                         60.00                    50.00

                                         30x40                         98.00                    88.00

                                         40x60                       188.00                  170.00



Artist Canvas:

Lex Jet Satin Canvas, Hahnemuhle Monet Canvas, Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas, HP Professional Matte Canvas

Many others on request

           Size                             First                Add’l from same file

                                         12x18 & smaller      $ 40.00                 $ 35.00

                                         16x24                         55.00                    50.00

                                         20x30                         80.00                    70.00

                                         30x40                       140.00                  125.00

                                         40x60                       275.00                  250.00



Fine Art  Paper:

Hahnemuhle Water Color, Hahnemuhle William Turner Fine Art, Hahnemuhle Bamboo, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta

Many others on request

           Size                             First                Add’l from same file

                    12x18  & smaller     $ 45.00                 $ 40.00

                    16x24                         65.00                    60.00

                    20x30                         95.00                    80.00

                    30x40                       165.00                  140.00

                    40x60                       300.00                  270.00








Digital Capture of Original Art

Captured with high resolution digital camera in controlled indirect sunlight - $125.00

Photographs  ~  Original Art